Benefits of Fasting As One of the Best Detox PA Methods

Best Detox PA

Benefits of Fasting As One of the Best Detox PA Methods

Benefits of Fasting As One of the Best Detox PA Methods

Many people are afraid of going on a fast because this is not seen as the norm. I believe that if you don’t experience a fast then you’re really missing out. Your body will heal at a greater rate through fasting, and the benefits of fasting are astounding.

When you fast, your body goes into a detoxification process. So this means that you may feel average or not the best earlier on as your body is dumping toxins and garbage into your bloodstream for removal that have been accumulating in your body over time.

The bad feelings you may experience earlier on in your fast may include moodiness, hunger pains, lightheadedness, tiredness and headaches to name a few. Everyone is different, so what and when you experience these and other feelings will differ from one person to the next. However this improves over a day or two.

On the other hand, the benefits of fasting are amazing. It’s actually a little difficult to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself. However best detox PA, once you get over that “bad” period, you’ll feel much better. Here are just 5 benefits of fasting:

You’ll have more energy – I’ve had a number of people tell me they are amazed by how much more energy they have just by fasting on juice or water. Your body spends less time processing solids and your body is less burdened so you gain the benefit of more energy.

You’ll have more clarity of mind – You’ll find that finding solutions to problems or doing those crossword puzzles will be much easier than before. It’s like your mind has been recharged.

Your senses will be heightened best detox PA

For example, if you go to a market and smell the fresh produce or walk past a restaurant, you will notice that the different aromas are far more pungent than before a fast. Unfortunately the bad smells are more noticeable too!

You will see cosmetic benefits – You’ll experience cosmetic benefits such as clearer skin, your eyes are brighter, your hair has more vibrancy and you could even have less wrinkles!

Weight loss – although fasting really is the best detox, it also helps if you are wanting to lose weight. When doing an extended fast an average of 0.5 kgs (1.1lbs) can be lost per day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on your body, weight as well as how you are fasting, such as if you’re doing water or juice fast.

There are plenty more benefits to fasting.

I’ve helped people to overcome a range of health issues from weight loss, to chronic conditions including Ross River Fever, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Type II Diabetes to name just a few… I’ve even helped people who couldn’t conceive for years to conceive. Unfortunately many medical professionals and even your family and friends will influence you to not undertake a fast, because they believe that abstaining from foods is bad for you. And I’m sure most of them haven’t even fasted themselves so they don’t understand the benefits. You will never have felt so good on a fast, especially if you go for extended periods of say 7 days or more. The ancients knew fasting as the doorway to healing and great health, and I consider this to still be correct to this day.

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